Thursday, November 14, 2019

Who Moved My Cheese? Essay -- Analysis Cheese Book Essays

Who Moved My Cheese? Who Moved My Cheese? Is a simple story of four characters that live in a maze and are constantly looking for cheese. Two of the four characters are Hem and Haw, who are little people about the size of mice, they are complex people just like humans. They rely on their emotions, and experience in life to make achievements, but also like humans they can become very comfortable and be oblivious to what is happening around them. The other two characters Sniff and Scurry, are mice. They rely more on instinct and their senses to conduct everyday life. Although they are simple minded and not very smart, they do not get hung up emotionally when things work against them. They have the power of adaptation, which allows them to continually maintain a productive life no matter how things change around them. "THE CHEESE" represents different things to different people. It is a metaphor for what keeps you going, and what makes you happy. To some people "THE CHEESE" is money, to others it is their job, and to some it is just being able to wake up and be happy that you have a good life, and enjoy living it. When I read this book I had to stop and think "WHAT'S MY CHEESE" and I could not help but to wander in my reading, "HOW CAN I GET SOME CHEESE". As I really began to analyze my life a little more I realized that I had more than one "Cheese" and all of my "Cheese's" have been moved, sometimes more than once. All of this thinking made me realize what my favor...

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