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Questions: 1.What course of action would you recommend to the CEO in the first hospital as a way to improve the operation of HRM at the hospital? 2.What are the key features of building a sustainable HR capability? Answers: Introduction Managing human resource is the most important function of management where a manager has to perform in relation to the employee. Managing human resources is not limited to Planning and allocation of resources but to provide with a direction, vision and goals. The aim of this report is to provide with recommendation pertaining to both the organizations in terms of Human Resource Management (Armstrong Taylor, 2014). One of the organizations is facing critical issues due to poor HRM policies whereas the other hospital is working smoothly due to effective HRM policies. In order to gain a competitive advantage it is evident for the business hospital to derive an appropriate Human resource functions. These functions will help in managing the hospital in a systematic way. There are multi-fold issues in the previous hospital due to ineffective policies. The report provides with recommendations in order to deal with the serious HRM issues. Critical issues faced by the management while dealin g with the issues needs to be managed in an efficient way (Bloom Van Reenen, 2011). 1.Course of Action to improve HRM function In order to improve the human resource function it is evident to start as a one-man show. It is suggested to establish a separate HR department to deal with the issues. There is no separate HRM department in the hospital. All the functions of a HR manager have to be taken by the CEO and his finance manager. This is causing disruption in concentrating on the job. Both the CEO and finance manager are unable to concentrate on their individual function. The middle level manager is not versed with the function of HRM. It is causing a lot of disturbances in the organization resulting in high level of staff grievances, absenteeism and turnover, and staff shortages. By creating a separate HR department the core problems can be resolved easily. This will help in gaining employees trust and will gradually reduce the issues that are been faced in the present scenario. It is important for management to organize an effective HR Policies in order to organize supportive activities (Hamel, 2008). By Hiring an HR manager In order to manage the hospital the HR function it is evident to hire a full-time manager. An HR generalist has to develop an effective framework by making improvement. By adding a HR generalist it will be easier for the employees to get their query resolved. Potential long-term benefits include a decrease in the employee turnover and an increase in profitability (Harzing Pinnington, 2010). As a Cost saving technique HR contributes towards cost savings. He has to implement HR Strategy to support the organization in meeting the goals. In this way the hospital can control excessive absenteeism. The huge unnecessary expenditure can be reduced by appointing an HR to keep a regular and continuous check over the expenses (Chen Huang, 2009). Retrieving performance The HR manager thereby helps in managing performance in different ways. The business performance can be improved by implementing an integrated performance management system. Work more efficiently and are given a fair reason for dismissal. The HR can work with management to make sure that whichever of these procedures are properly implemented (Bratton Gold, 2012). Providing with guidance into employee legislation Employee legislations are changing constantly and it requires an individual to look after the changes. HR will ensure that the policies are very-well implemented and are communicated in a well defined way. Helping in managing the staff in a fair manner It is important for managing the organization in a well-defined way. HR has a responsibility to deal with the problem an organization is dealing with. A good manager has to deal with the multiple problems taking place in the Hospital. Its the responsibility of the manager to deal with the problems occurring in the organization by designating an effective plan and procedure. This will help in managing the situation in the most appropriate way. The HR actions offer much desirable direction that will help an HR to interpret the result in a most efficient way (Heery Noon, 2008). This plan will help in measuring the outcome by applying the above mentioned HRM Model. This has been a significant challenge in stipulations of inconsistent application of HR policies and practices by middle level management. This has been the major reason for industrial disputation, high level of staff grievances, absenteeism and turnover, and employees shortages. All these policies and procedure will help in meeting the challenges has led to challenges for the quality of care and even serious accidents involving patients and staff (Marchington, et al 2016). 2.Key features of building a sustainable HR capability One of the significant shifts in the evolution of the HR practice is an increase in the personnel management. This includes organizational effectiveness and capabilities in order to develop a diversified working environment. An increase in the development of HR capabilities is an essential parameter for gaining results. Over the year Globalization and technology development has caused dramatic changes in the organization over the year. The Focus over the Corporate Social Responsibilities is causing a huge pressure of competitiveness and flexibility. The importance of sustainability in HRM practice is to consider the two factors: the importance of managing people and the notion of sustainability. Human Resource is been identified as one of the most important factor in order to draw efficient results. HR been influenced by resource based views. These capabilities are incorporated in a well-defined way by organizing an individual effort. Sustainability is considered as an important pers pective in order to analyse the implications. The key focus is regarding recruitment and retention of top talent, developing critical competency and motivation. The changing trends in organizational environment are to promote motivation, incentives for outstanding performance, employability, enduring education, demographic trends, aging workforces, employee health etc (Smith, 2014). For both the organization sustainable development is important in order to manage competing demands. The organizations are facing issues in order to ensure longevity and competing demand. For ensuring organizational growth it is important to manage current employees. The efficiency of the human resource can only be managed if the HR manager takes due advantage. It will be disadvantageous for an organisation to survive and be successful in the long run without a proper HRM plan. In order to gain effectiveness it is necessary to manage existing employees and to uphold a robust access to future employees. The concept of sustainability in the present case will help in meeting critical and strategic potential for Human Resource Management. The organization has to deal with majority of issues in order to meet the HRM issues in the most appropriate way. The purpose is to arrange the functions by organizing the different aspects related to the different issues. Both the organizations have to overcome the issue of an effective human resource functions and activities. This enables an individual to maintain effectiveness with a long term prospect. The utmost contributions by the HR function for managing sustainability and effectiveness are important in the field of leadership development, training and development and diversity. Momentous contributions in areas of efficacy are seen across the companies in order to manage talent and workforce engagement. Conclusion To conclude, it is evident for the organization to develop effective HR role. The report includes the effective HRM functions in an organization undergoing serious issue. In the given case study the problem is related to non-availability of a separate HRM department. An effective HRM function is mandatory for gaining long-term effective results. It is however necessary for managing recruitment and retention of top talent, developing critical competency and motivation. The purpose is to ensure effectiveness and purposefulness to meet the issues faced by the organization References Armstrong, M. 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(2014).Impact assessmen

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