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Cyber Software, Inc. - 1503 Words

Cyber Security I will first like to share with you some of the Cyber Software, Inc. Cyber Software, Inc. has been one of the strongest security company laser-focused on illuminating any cyber threats, those that can target the heart of the enterprise. Since our first goal is to stop attacks before they stop business, harm innocent people by stealing their information, or causing losses in any other different way Cyber Software, Inc. for many decades has been trusted by the world’s leading companies — this company has provided its service to small business like many of the local retail business, as well as large clients like the Baltimore City Government, also to too many well known companies including 26% of the Fortune 200 companies — Our dedication is to protect their highest-value information assets, infrastructure and applications. We have constructed a new mission statement that will better serve our mission when we protect our clients from the cyber threads, our new mission statement is: Protecting our customers from the advanced cyber attack by being the leader cyber company with the latest IT innovation. This new mission statement shows that we will always do our best to be up to date with any technological developments. Not only that, it also shows that the company will do its best to stay ahead of any cyber attack, it will also stay alarmed for any new viruses or ways that the hackers may use to hack and steal sensitive information. Our new vision statement is:Show MoreRelatedCyber Software Inc. s Case916 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Cyber Software Inc.’s client, the Baltimore City Government, website was hacked. Several credit card numbers and other information were accessed and stolen from the Baltimore City Government servers. Since, the cyber Software company responded very quickly only 275 people were affected by the hacking. However, the hacking of the City Governments servers has led to Mr. Jackson wanting to create better software that will prevent any future hackings and will improve the cleanupRead MoreNew Mission Statement And Vision Statement939 Words   |  4 Pagesstatement analysis As a result of recent security breach of the Baltimore City Government, Cyber Software Inc. feels required to introduce a new mission and vision statement that stimulate confidence on the company’s ability to combat cyberattacks on our customers’ networks. Cyber Software’s new vision statement and mission statement demonstrates the company’s commitment to deliver a highly efficient cybersecurity software. The new mission statement also highlights the approach that the company will takeRead MoreBmgt 364 Assignment 2 Mini-Management Plan Essay1075 Words   |  5 Pagesstudents will take the role of the Vice President of Operation creating a mini-management plan that focuses on those aspects of the business related to planning and organizing. As Vice President of Operations, Joseph Jackson, the leader of Cyber Software, Inc., has asked you to help him solve his organizational problems. This mini-management plan is a professionally written document that w ill be given to Joseph Jackson. In writing the plan, you must use the terminology learned in the course. SinceRead MoreA Report On Cyber Security Breaches1596 Words   |  7 PagesCyber security breaches have shown a spike in 2015, with large-scale compromises on companies like Target, Sony and Home Depot. There is a strong demand to deploy more robust cyber security tools to prevent future attacks. FireEye, a cyber-security firm, has started to fill the void and is reaping the rewards. Company Overview FireEye is an industry leader in total security threat protection. The organization has a unique set of security products which enable organizations to protect their onlineRead MoreThe Annual Cost Of Cyber Crime Essay1279 Words   |  6 Pagesthe annual cost of cyber crime in the United States. Due to high cyber attacks and the daily high usage of the internet it is crucial for business to have a secure network to prevent and protect customers and the business itself from having sensitive information compromised and leaked. Causing the current debate between the technology market and the U.S Government Officials. The government is requesting access to all encrypted data which will allow law enforcement to track cyber crime with hopes toRead MoreCybercrime715 Words   |  3 PagesCyber Crime Submitted by [Name of Researcher] Name of Discipline [Area of Study] Name of Institution Logo of Institution 9 January 2012 Cyber crime is the downside of the proliferation of the internet and the World Wide Web. As businesses and commerce transactions have moved online as software and websites are the medium through which funds are exchanged, cyber theft has taken alarming proportions. Initially the fear with a hacked computer meant that someones internet time would be stolenRead MoreComputer Security Breaches Are Caused By Vulnerabilities959 Words   |  4 Pageshacked. Many organizations are being compromised by means of software vulnerabilities, distributed denial of service attacks, and in many cases their own employees. By the end of 2015 over 4.9 billion devices will be connected to the internet and any one of them could be susceptible to an unknown number of exploits allowing an attacker access into the device (Gartner, Inc.). There are several factors contributing to the recent increase in cyber crimes and even though numerous companies have already fallenRead MoreInternet Security And The Secur ity System878 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause there are various personal, business and government data on the Internet. Today every businesses and organizations have their own security system to reach their goal of information security. Internet security systems are created to reduce cyber attack risks, reliability, maintain confidentiality, and compliance with privacy laws and national security laws. However security standard that has been made, and laws brought by government are not more enough to protect Internet Security, so moreRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Risksense Inc. Essay1743 Words   |  7 Pagesfirst technology I found is called RiskSense. RiskSense Inc. a spin-off of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. They originally conducted research-as-a-service projects. For the U.S Department of Defense and U.S Intelligence Community, they made Computational Analysis of Cyber Terrorism Against the U.S, or CACTUS. They also made Behavior Risk Analysis of Vicious Executab les, or BRAVE for short, and the Strike Team Program. RiskSense Inc. has invested a lot in research, which lead to a varietyRead MoreGovernment Regulating How Private Industries Organize Or Improve Their Cybersecurity And How They Justify It1345 Words   |  6 Pagesand own the key communication, transportation, and energy networks. Although, the networks are owned by the private sector, there is a need for the United States to protect their people from malicious attacks which include identify attack, cyber espionage and cyber acts of war. It is the government responsibility to protect the confidentially, availability, and integrity of all the data that relates to the U.S. and its people. In order to do this, the government believes they have to partake in ensuring

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