Thursday, July 25, 2019

Leadership and Cross Culture Management Article - 1

Leadership and Cross Culture Management - Article Example They developed several qualities of leadership to cope up with the changing working environment of foreign countries (Regent University, 2011). Honda, the largest Japanese based manufacturers of two-wheelers has been a successful name in the global automobile industry. Due to their leadership ability, they are so successful across the globe. The subsidiary of Honda Motor in India is named Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India Ltd (HMSI). It came to India in 1999. They believe in teamwork and excellent leadership aspects are the reasons for their success. Though they are globally successful for their products and services but the management of HMSI is not at all concerned regarding the workers and other employees of the organization. They are found to be illtreating and misbehaving with the workers. They are continuously harassing and embarrassing many of the working personnel in the organization. Towards the female employees, their behavior is not healthy. A few female employees left their jobs due to intolerable behavior from the Vice President of the company. HMSI managers are using negative leadership qualities just to embarrass the employees instead motivating and influencing them in their work (Labour File, n.d.). The higher managerial personnel of HMSI should develop the qualitative behavior and good etiquette while treating both male and female workers. This will help them to be a leader in the global environment. All kinds of interpersonal, informational and decisional roles can be developed by the managers of HMSI to motivate and influence the employees and workers of the organization. As a leader, they can create the good working relationship with the people because human resources are the assets of the organization. The leadership qualities should be utilized for the superior purpose of the employees rather destroy it.

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