Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Midterm assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Midterm assignment - Essay Example It was published in 2011 indicating that the factors which were present during that time, influenced Fetterolf to write on issues that affected women. In fact, the title reveals that, during that time, there existed gender disparity and women were treated unequal members of the society. This situation influenced Fetterolf to reveal woman as the subject in his article (Fetterolf, 2011). In his article, Fetterolf claim to carry out a study that examines the future gender equality expectations of young women in their marriages and careers, upon getting higher education. In my suggestion, I believe that gender equality will never be achieved, despite women’s level of education, because of the conflicting responsibilities in marriages and career opportunities. Argument: This deduction from the article is a fallacy based on fact that the information is generalized based on the general appeal that people in well paying careers work must work for longer hours to match their payment. Fallacy: Greater education of participants,’ possible selves would lead them to evaluate themselves more favorably, anticipate greater emotional well-being, and perceive goals concerning finances, respect and power, and career as more

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