Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Analysis of Articles about the Effect of the Socioeconomic Roots Has Essay - 3

Analysis of Articles about the Effect of the Socioeconomic Roots Has on the Upper Echelon Management - Essay Example University of Michigan Business School, Working Paper. Although the article is old and is specific to a single function of procurement it is included because it provides the managerial decision making through a procurement perspective. 3. Carl Martin Allwood, Marcus Selart (2001) Decision Making: Social and Creative Dimensions. Springer. This book discusses in detail the decision making processes and the impact of various factors on decision making. It discusses the decision making at different management levels. 4. Charles R. Schwenk (1995) Strategic Decision Making. Journal of Management, Volume: 21, Issue: 3, SAGE. It is written by a graduate of Indiana University. The article discusses various aspects of decision making and discusses the impact of other factors as well on the upper echelon decision making other than just socioeconomic impacts. Therefore, the article looks at the topic under study from a broader view. 5. Christoph Lechner (2006) A Primer to Strategy Process Research. Cuvillier Verlag. This book is academically renowned. One of the chapters of the book discuss the strategies especially used by the upper echelon management in making decisions and the impact of various factors on the cognitive style and their final decision. Although most of the book is irrelevant to this study some part is a readily available source of information. 6. Cliff Bowman and Andrew Kakabadse (1997) Top management ownership of the strategy problem. Long Range Planning Journal, Volume: 30, Issue: 2, Elsevier Science Ltd. the writers belong to the Cranfield Centre for International Management Development, Cranfield University, UK. The paper discusses the involvement aspect of the upper echelon strategic decision making and also shed light on the impact of socioeconomic roots on it.

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