Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Earth’s Nuclear Core Essay -- Easrth Geology Geological Essays

The Earth’s Nuclear Core The Earth’s core is like a massive nuclear reactor, burning uranium into lighter elements, and producing much of the geological phenomenon observed on the Earth. This fission reactor is responsible for producing most of the Earth’s heat and energy, as well as, the phenomenon of geomagnetism. There is substantial reason to believe that the center of the Earth is a massive nuclear reactor derived from empirical data observed in the earth, and logical evidence to prove that the theory is true. The theory started when geologists in the fifties began whether natural occurring nuclear fission was possible. Eventually, empirical evidence presented itself. In 1972 at the Oklo uranium mine in western Africa, a natural nuclear fission reactor was discovered deep within the earth. The discovery provided an answer to the possibility of naturally occurring nuclear fission in the earth. Based on this discovery and other logical observations, the geophysicist, J. Marvin Herndon, proposed his theory in 1972, of massive planetary nuclear reactors. Recently Herndon proposed his newest theory. The theory is that the Earth has an estimated, five mile diameter, nuclear fission reactor in it’s core. This theory contradicts many traditional theories of geophysics, but is not with out ample evidence and reason to testify to it’s likely hood. Herndon, explains the conditions that must be present for a natural fission process to occur. The process of fission is the simply put, the breaking apart of heavy atoms to create lighter more stable atoms. Most elements try to become more stable through the processes of fusion or fission. These elements will generally form into a noble gas, those elements in ... ...m is that nobody has been able to disprove this theory. The founder of the theory, J. M. Herndon says, â€Å"I wish someone would respond, tell me that the science is wrong, but I just get nothing.† This says a great deal about the validity of these arguments. Anyone who would disagree would simply be ignoring the plethora of evidence stacked against other arguments. With so much evidence, and an apparent lack of serious opposition, it is difficult for any reasonable person to disagree with the idea of nuclear fission at the core of the Earth. This theory explains many phenomenon as well as answers old questions about the Earth. It should be understood that this theory is feasible and logical. So much evidence is certainly too convincing to ignore, and ignoring such an amount of evidence would be entirely foolish, for a scientist, institution, or any other person.

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