Thursday, September 26, 2019

Research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Research - Assignment Example These include audit trails, checks in times of coding, correct referencing and results evaluation (Munhall, 2012). You decide to conduct a qualitative study aimed at determining the influence of life stressors on graduate nursing education. You plan to collect the data using an Internet survey. How do you collect qualitative data using an Internet survey? Would the data be credible? Why or why not? Collection of qualitative data will be possible via use of appropriate internet software plus questionnaire templates (Munhall, 2012). There will be a questionnaire provided via the internet that participants will fill and submit. The questionnaires are to have a certain number of questions, which the participants will complete in conformance to the instructions. First, there should be recruitment for respondents willing to join in the survey. This is possible through advertisements in various sites such as yahoo and Google (Munhall, 2012). Offering prizes or incentives for participants would encourage several people to join the exercise. The data will be credible if the selected responds are eligible for the exercise (Munhall, 2012). This is because the respondents required are those experienced on stressors. What are sources of qualitative research problems? Identify an issue from your clinical practice that could be studied using qualitative method. Why do you think qualitative method is appropriate to study the problem? Research problems emanate from various sources, for example; the skeptical nature of individuals each day provides a research topic (Houser, 2009). Qualitative research issues may stem from practical aspects, for instance, in nursing a skeptical individual may develop a question that concerns nurses in the provision of health care (Houser, 2009). In clinical practice, an issue such as the problems encountered by nurses as they deliver care to patients is suitable

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