Monday, August 12, 2019

Education High School Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Education High School - Personal Statement Example In the class that I am looking at, there are all types of students. Clearly some are more talented than others, however the gift lies in the teacher being able to engage all of the students in my opinion. Comment 2 - The religion of my students is mixed. Again we are looking at defining the term religion. Is it based upon what the child is told by his parents that he is, or is it based on what the child practices For example, is the child a roman catholic but does not know the first thing about Roman Catholicism What I have noticed that all children in my field class seem to have in common is what Orlich defines as the "silent sabatour". It is indeed something that is not diverse because once a child has stated that "I am just not good at science" it does wind up deflating the enthusiasm of the rest of the class to learn material. Comment In Response to What A Friend Posted: I thought that what you posted was insightful. It was something that I had not really considered in this discussion. I would like to compare it to my own analysis and perhaps we could both post a comparison of our findings. What made you choose the two elements that you discussed. Can you identify with any of the students that you observed

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