Saturday, August 24, 2019

Writer's choice- Recommendation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Writer's choice- Recommendation - Essay Example The book recognizes the fact that client satisfaction is an imperative factor that determines a firm’s profit margin. Essentially, the book establishes a foundation upon  which ethical financial management practices can be based. Moreover, the reader gets a gist of legal repercussions that might be associated with unethical practices while offering services to clients. I found the book helpful in my law practice since it provides valuable information that outline ethical behavior characteristics and the various legal actions that may be adopted to protect the clients’ interest. However, the book has some various flaws that make it difficult to rely on it alone. For instance, the book does not provide a comprehensive legal process that can be followed by clients in case of unethical practices by service providers. I wish the book addressed more on the approaches to be followed to restore ethics in the money industry. In addition, the book should have talked more of planning since the money business has grown quite dynamic. In summary, the book provides useful concepts but has been very narrow-focused as it focuses one similar

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