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King Creon and Antigone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

King Creon and Antigone - Essay Example In the play, a fight between brothers over the control of Thebes resulted to their deaths. Unfortunately, their deaths are perceived differently by Antigone and King Creon. According to King Creon, Polynices who is one of their brothers that had died in the war does not deserve a proper burial because he fought against his people (Sophocles 2). On the other hand, Antigone argues that it is crucial for her brother to be given a proper burial because he is their blood. This variation in thought about the burial of Polynices is the one that led to the emergence of other issues. In the play, it is also evident that there was a clash of wills between Antigone and King Creon. This is evidenced by Antigone’s view about the essence of maintaining and observing the family’s sacredness in making any decision in life (Sophocles 3). According to her, it was the duty of family members to give one of their own a proper burial. On the other hand, King Creon believed that whoever goes against his country does not deserve any respect from anyone including his or her family members. Pride is also another element that contributed significantly to the creation of a big gap between King Creon and Antigone. According to the scenes in the play, it is pride that made King Creon decide not to offer his brother a proper burial. It is also his perception on the position of women in the society that made him ensure that the death of Polynices is not mourned by people. Additionally, it is Creon’s position as a king that made him not to accept Antigone’s opinion about the burial of their brother (Sophocles 2). In addition, Antigone’s pride also barred her from accepting the decision that was made by the king about Polynices’ burial. The decisions made by both the king and Antigone also shows that there was an issue of duties and values. This is evidenced by Antigone’s assertion that it was her duty to ensure her brother was

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