Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Using the internet research the topic effective study strategies Essay

Using the internet research the topic effective study strategies - Essay Example Ineffective study strategies have led to failure among students (Langan, 2007). To make sure that I do not fall victim, I choose to adopt measures to improve my skills in reading, writing and test taking. Of paramount importance would be to make sure that all assignments involving reading are read before and soon after the class. I will not just be highlighting examinable headlines but will also read the contents actively. In as much as I could be in a hurry to finish reading, speed and intensity would be adjusted where the material is difficult to comprehend. I will use the available material from the library to read beyond the case text for clarity. It could be helpful if I also write as I read as suggested by Durukan (2011). Tutors and professors will be sought for their opinion on what I have written as drafts or initial thesis while seeking to express my ideas as opposed to impressing with vocabulary. When taking tests, the proposition of Mach et al. would be helpful as I will r ead the questions, understand what it seeks to answer and leaving none unanswered (2008). I will avoid mistaking it with skimming, which would still remain an important aspect. In my study timetable, I will re-arrange all reading schedules to come after and before their respective classes and include a 30-minute consultation time with my tutor every week. I will also introduce 3-hour weekly test practice on my

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