Monday, October 7, 2019

Answer 6 question about deaf culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Answer 6 question about deaf culture - Essay Example Moreover, they recognize the deaf as a minority from a linguistic and a cultural perspective. In addition, they also consider sign language as the first and natural language for application for Deaf people. The pre-lingual deaf is in reference to an individual born Deaf or someone who lost the sense of hearing before they began learning to speak. On the other hand, the post-lingual deaf is in reference to an individual who becomes deaf after acquiring a spoken language. In the book† Train Go Sorry,† the author describes two observations regarding the implications of being deaf before or after acquiring a spoken language. The first observation indicates that there are some educators and parents who believe that children who are prelingualy deaf will never be able to develop speech and language skills in comparison to the children who are postlingually Deaf. This eventually leads to social isolation and minimizes their chance of getting a decent job. For example, when the doctor recommended 17 year old James for a cochlear implant, the consequent evaluation and recommendation was not good for several reasons. The first reason being that James’s deafness was caused by b acterial meningitis when he was at five years of age. Furthermore, after one and half of years of suffering from the illness, the inner ear developed a bony growth which inhibited the insertion of electrodes. The second reason being that James had a significant amount of residual hearing that enable him to benefit from the use of hearing aids. In the regard, the implication drawn was James disqualification as a deserving candidate for cochlear implant surgery. In retrospect, the cochlear implant is not necessarily an appropriate option for everyone. The second observation is that some educators, doctors, and parents believe that cochlear implant will allow the

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