Thursday, October 31, 2019

To what extent is deeper European integration in the national interest Essay

To what extent is deeper European integration in the national interest of Britain today - Essay Example In brief the different conceptions are: How does the term 'Europeanization' differ from 'European integration' This is a complex theoretical debate without a definite answer. My personal opinion is that European integration focuses on the process f institution building and political integration at the European level more so whereas, the phrase Europeanization is more all encompassing and is used to analyse the dynamics f European integration, how it occurs and more importantly how it impacts on the domestic politics f member states. Some academics believe that the two definitions are interchangeable and the term Europeanization should be scrapped so as to avoid further conceptual confusion. (Smith 2003, 14-16) I think all the five definitions have some relevance in helping to conceptualise the term but I particularly think that an analysis f 1) and 2) are the two most important elements to help understand the transformations currently taking place in the EU. Combined they provide a two way analysis; 'top down' and 'bottom up' allowing us to examine the interplay between the EU system and the British polity which is said to be "characterized by complex feedback loops". These loops reflect the complex interaction f global, European, national and sub-national processes. Similarly, I have conceptualised the Europeanization f UK politics as a two-way process with a slight emphasis on the downward causation from EU to domestic structure: "a process whereby domestic politics becomes increasingly subjected to European policy-making". This is a broad yet useful definition which can focus on the EU becoming part f the 'organisational logic' or administrative practices f the UK government (Evetts 1998, 438-440; Knill, 2001) and it can also include the informal rules, beliefs, paradigms, styles, ideologies and culture that infiltrate through to the member states. I will examine the extent to which this process has occurred and look at limiting factors such as globalisation and xenophobia. The domestic impact f European-level institutions The multitude f processes and mechanisms involved in EU development mean that member states are transformed differently across domestic institutions and policy areas. Policy issues There has been increased interest in European policy implementation over the course f the 1990's. Policy implementati

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