Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Development of a Four Year Old Child Essay -- Papers Psychology Child

Development of a Four Year Old Child Works Cited Not Included Enthusiasm in children is like a ripple in the water ... it spreads. ~Anonymous~ The study of child development helps us understand the changes we see as children grow and develop. A child?s development is divided into five areas: physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and moral development (Mitchell and David 1992). Although each area will be discussed separately, it is important to remember that all these areas overlap. Together, they make up the whole person. Physical development is an increase in body size and shape. Motor development is included in physical development because it shows the development of the large and small muscles. Changes in the brain and nervous system will affect physical and motor development. Emotional development is how the child feels about himself/herself, other people, and the world that they live in. Emotional development also involves children?s learning to distinguish different feelings and express them in culturally acceptable ways (Henniger,...

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