Thursday, October 3, 2019

Youtube The Best Way For Advertisements Marketing Essay

Youtube The Best Way For Advertisements Marketing Essay Most businesses have no idea and how to present their video in front of the hold world people. So, YouTube is the most essential tool. This is because YouTube is the best way to enhance the products and services of company through video advertising and video tutorial. YouTube advertising is an online advertising which can let firm post up a lot of video to advertising their small company product and information because this online advertising system is very cheap with another advertisement. Those videos will show to all people in the world who have online in YouTube. The internet researchers can upload and watch their advertisement video and tutorials on the internet for free. Nowadays YouTube is a great new approach to promote business. Through the advertising of video in the YouTube, it can quickly present our new ideas and new services in front of people who able to use YouTube. Then the video tutorials are the fastest way to help people to understanding our business. Second, it c an introduce our company to help building a bridge between us and client through the YouTube advertising. Furthermore, video advertising in the YouTube also can help to promoting new proposals and announcements of companys product and services to every client. But it also has some disadvantages. For big business, the owners need to pay a higher fee to promote their products. Then the advertising of the business will clearly to show out in YouTube. YouTube promoted video is easy to control and upload. At the first, the business owners have to create their video promotion. For example, they have to choose one of promoted video and write some promotional text or contents, and tell them which keywords should be trigger our promotion. Then the second step is launching your campaign. For example, the business owner can using their keywords, then the video promotion will now appear next to contextually relevant search results. The third step is get more views and pay only for results. For example, when the YouTube viewers click on your product promotion, they will see your video. So, you only need to pay when people click to see your video. But it also has some disadvantages. This YouTube advertising is poor campaign management when promoted any videos. It also has some currently limited features. Blog advertising Blog advertising is an e-commence system which can make selling and buying advertise space easy. This Blog advertising will share out to all internet users who has use Blog to do online shopping and show opinion. This blog advertising will be able to accept all advertisement type because this blog have offer the largest variety of advertise units. This e-commence system has a lot of benefit to users. This blog advertising is free. The advertisers dont have to pay for hosting and domain registration fees. So, the advertiser can save their money and no need to do another expensive advertisement such as Television advertisement, Newspaper advertisement and magazine advertisement. Moreover, this online system will be automatic updates the advertiser profiles. The business man can use the blog to advertise their own company products and content on their site. Then the business man can choose their available advertise sizes. So, advertiser can focus on building their blogs traffic and content. The advertiser can use the blog advertising to develop their company goal and objective. Moreover, they also can do some promotion in blog. Blog advertising can easy provide online credit card and PayPal payment to advertisers. Then, the advertisers can easily pay the fee of advertising. Blog advertising provides the 24 hours per day advertise performance reporting and statistics. Besides that, it also can display advertisement with rotating advertise versions. This online system can help to provide a simple and effective advertise formats to every searchers. Then, this blog have a comment space to all searchers and advertisers. So, the advertiser will be able respond all question and feedback for searcher. It also has some disadvantages. The advertisers cannot monetize their blog because all the advertisement is controlled by the internet owner, then the advertisers are not allowed to display their advertisements. Moreover, this online advertising has limited storage spaces and limited design. In Google advertising we can found Google have two type of advertising method such as Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Google nowadays are already become a first search tools on internet. Google featuring is the most excellent web search. Its including a list of Image search, Current news, User group, online sales, Government document and Article research. When using Google to searching company product you can type the value turn of phrase into Google search box then we can quickly find the answer. Besides that, Google is without charge to use and the result is according from most popular or least popular. In Google AdSense is it a dominant advertising instrument is due to the detail that the advertising it displays is designed to create a center of attention to the buyers on the websites which are place on. For an example, an online shop sells cloths for a company. In this way, the buyers wants buy new and their favorite cloths or other country fashion cloths, they can search by online and also can order. Google AdSense also despite of how big or small your companys website is, and how you can gross by using this websites advertising methods. Google AdSense also can make you got a rewarded based on how many times your advertisement are clicked on by the visitors. If the submission keeps follow of each click then totals them, and deposits to a related sum into the bank and account to your record with them. By this way, if a company having without to put forth much effort at all, your website can gross profits. Which company is using Google AdSense, it will become an elegant marketing plan such as, exposure which means a millions people over the world who can found out about the companys products and services through this advertising. This will be sure to increase interchange to company site and company sales. The second is extra earnings which can let you get extra income as more people begin to click on your advertising. For hits the target enlarges, the benefits from AdSense advertising are gain to the company. The third is control. This function is simple to set of connections on company website and permits some control over what websites are advertised on your site. By using filters, for example, you can make sure that competitors do not use your website space to advertise their advertisement. Well, Google AdSense also easy to sign up. It is because the online application for signing up only need fill some details of the person and it is a free application. Facebook advertising already become an online sells in websites. Nowadays, company can specifically target the advertisement placement system. The site has massive a list of individual information of nation as well as age, gender, address, likes, dislikes, marital status, employment information and the live stream of present significances. This means Facebook has a lot of power to target the nation see the product. For this advertisement, we can choose the located by selecting a very detailed information of a customer profiles. Well, by this function, we can reach the target from the consumer are more directly and more easy to get the increasing of profit for company. As we can know is Facebook advertising can save more expenses. For example, a small company wants advertise their product with less expensive fees, they can choose Facebook advertising. It is because best and easy method. You just need sign up an account and create your advertisement, therefore it become a less expensive advertisement method. Besides that, this advertising method has a greater elasticity as 135 characters of a long word limits on the advertising and elasticity to decide on content. In this advertising method, we can add on the image of products and we also can put up advertising according to our daily advertisement budget. The way to promote is create a Facebook page of business and provides with the newest details and updates about the products to the consumer. This also becomes a greater and more direct for consumers to search. Facebook also have a good benefit of using like features. One of the advantages of advertising on Facebook is Like or Fan characteristic which provides the means for word of mouth marketing via news feed. For example, if any user likes your advertisement, then it will become a broadcasted to all of his/her friends who have subscribed to his/her news feed. So if you netting one of the consumers through an advertisement, you have the opportunity of net a lot more. In between, its also a goods and suitable for an online business. Its can find out an income from getting out to the customer of a precise geographical locations and individual profiles. As long as the experience of invitation can let you reach the word about newest offers provided by your business.

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